Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homecoming 2011!

Sept 30 - Oct 2

It has been five years since college graduation, and I cannot believe it!  I made it a point to go down to Pella to visit history professors and former classmates for the 2011 Central College homecoming.  Being back on campus brought memories of tea and cookie runs to the Library cafe; lectures in small, but homey, rooms; study sessions, and long days in the library archives.  In many ways I miss the culture and life on a college campus. 

I had a great time talking to my favorite history professors - Dr. Barloon, Dr. Schrier, and Dr. Witt - on Friday afternoon.  I was filled in on my history classmates lives, discussed current historical issues, and brought them up-to-date on my life.  Jackie, my good friend since high school, lives in Pella.  We attended Central together and had the joy of running in the Lemming Race together Senior Year.  The Lemming Race is the official student kick-off of Homecoming weekend. Students create inventive costumes and run down the mall into the Central pond.  The pond is, by no means, clean - and the ensuing bath is smelly and yucky.  But oh, so much fun.  Jackie and I did not recreate our Senior Year Lemming run - but we did watch.  I forgot to bring a camera, but I am sure there are pictures out there.  My favorite costume of Lemming Race 2011: men dressed as unicorns with mops for manes and tails.  So funny, and inventive!

Central College, view of the chapel.
The library mall.  Lemming Race starts at the library (pictured).
On Saturday I became a student again and attended a lecture on Central College students in the Civil War, given by Dr. Barloon and a current Central student.  I was amazed to hear that 114 students served in some capacity during the Civil War!  One professor also served, but only for a short period of time.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the football game.  Go Dutch!  It was a good match between Central and rival Coe College.  The final score - Central 38, Coe 34.  It was a nerve-wracking game.  I went to the game with two good Central College friends, Jackie and Jenny.  Both of these girls live in Pella, which allows me to return to the city often.  Jackie brought her daughter, Brooklyn, to the game to watch.  So much fun!
Jackie (with Brooklyn), me, and Jenny at the homecoming game.
Central v. Coe, Homecoming 2011.

Go Dutch!
Jenny holding Brooklyn at the game.
What a great weekend!  It was fun to see old acquaintances and catch up with current friends.

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  1. Isn't it great to go back and visit your old professors? That is one thing I really like about living in Evansville - being able to be involved with the campus in some capacity. I spoke on the history majors panel at their annual Humanities Night. I loved it!