Sunday, October 21, 2012

Packers Preseason game

Labor Day weekend

For a mini-vacation, Bret and I joined my parents on a road trip to Green Bay for a pre-season Packer's game. We left early on Thursday morning to make the trip to Green Bay, leaving plenty of time to stop for lunch at Red Eye Brewing Co. in Wausau, Wisconsin. The beer was good, but the food probably better.  All four of us only had complements on our lunch. My favorite was the curry pasta salad.... yum!

After lunch we continued on our way to Lambeau. It was cool to see the stadium almost empty.  Even if it was empty, there was a cozy feeling to it.  Slowly the stadium began to fill, and the teams warmed up.  Bret is a big Kansas City Chiefs fan, the opposing team.  It was fun to see the players warm up.  One of the former Iowa quarterbacks was on the KC team, vying for a back-up quarterback position.
At Lambeau
Inside the stadium

KC warming up

Yep they exist, and they are UW at Green Bay students
The game was not incredibly exciting, and first-string players only played a little bit.  However, I think we all had a good time.  The crowd was excited, and while there was a few annoying people I had a great time cheering for the Packers.  We made a number of signs (see photographs below).

We had great seats - only five or six rows behind the touchdown zone - a perfect place to a Lambeau Leap up-close.  Too bad all touchdowns were made at the other endzone... bummer. The Packers ended up winning the game.  Bret was a good KC fan and one of few that supported the Chiefs.  Generally, people were courteous to him and fellow Chiefs.  The high-level of sportsmanship was good to see.

Mom getting excited.

Enjoying the game.  Bret was a sport and wore the cheesehead.

Bummer that KC won. 
On our way back from Green Bay we stopped to see the (almost) exact location of being 1/4 of the way around the world from Greenwich Village in England. We also stopped at Leinenkugel to take the brewery tour.  Not my favorite tour - super secretive, but the beer is pretty good.
Bret, 1/4 around the world.

At Leinies.

All of us enjoying the beer.

Bret at Leinies.

Overall a great pre-weekend trip.  More fun was to follow with the wedding of my favorite cousin on a few days later!