Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grand Opening!

Sept. 10, 2011

The Historic Park Inn Hotel is officially open!  On Saturday night I attended the Grand Opening celebration for the hotel. It was my first time in the building since 2007 - and wow!  It honestly took my breath away just walking in the door.  The woodwork, the fixtures, the colors, textures, and materials are all perfect.  The original tile floor combined with the warmth of the wood and terracotta tiles was stunning.  The ballroom, watched over by Mercury, the perfect space for entertaining. 

Cocktail attire.
Ann MacGregor, a wonderful mentor, and me at the event.

Finished product.  Near: City National Bank, now the ballroom.  Far: Historic Park Inn Hotel entrance.

NRHP plaque.

Reproduction of the original light fixtures.

There was a perfect moment, when I was standing on the Lady's Parlor balcony over looking Central Park, that it just hit me that the project was done.  Even though I played a small part in the process, in many ways, it felt (just a little bit) like it was my hotel.   The mezzanine, restored to its original location, with a small lounge area above was perfect.  My favorite room, though, was the skylight room.  The original 25 stain glass panels in place below a skylight lit up the room. The gentleman's lounge, complete with the billiard table ("oh we got trouble, right here in River City") and a bar, is the perfect gathering place with a "big city" feel for a late night cocktail.
Skylight room.  

Hotel lobby with the restored mezzanine.  The ceiling is about 6'0" tall.  Andy could not stand up straight under here.

Gentleman's Lounge.


Ballroom, looking toward the original bank entrance.

Mercury stands guard over the doors form the ballroom to the hotel lobby.  These statues used to preside over the bank teller windows. 
One could tell everyone at the gala was extremely proud, and it seemed if everyone felt (a little bit) like this was their hotel. It is a must see if you are in Mason City, Iowa.  If you are not - go to visit.  Stay a night; eat at the restaurant.  You won't be disappointed. I can't wait to do so myself.

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