Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tacos, Scones, Stuffed Shells, and Black Bean Burgers

6.18.11- 6.19.11 - Father's Day Weekend

I had the domestic urge to do a lot of cooking on this lazy, rainy weekend.  So I grabbed my July/August issues of VegetarianTimes and headed to the grocery store.  After a tremendous shopping session (with a big dent into my monthly wages) I headed back home to start cooking.

Lemon and Cranberry Scones eased my way into my weekend of cooking and baking.  I love these scones - delicious and fruity - and they pair well with my favorite Earl Grey tea.  I must admit, that next to Betty Crocker's Pancakes, these scones are my favorite late morning weekend breakfast.  Delicious!
Lemon Cranberry Scones

Next on my "To Create" list was Ricotta Stuffed Shells.  I remember these as a kid - purchased frozen from the Schwan's man, and baked to a bubbly perfection.  They were my brother Andy's favorite dinner.  I saw the recipe at and had to make them for myself.  A beautiful rich red sauce complements the delicate and cheesy shells.  I am waiting (rather impatiently) for next Friday when the family will be up to formally present and test the dish.  It smelled wonderful on the stove, and I am hoping for the best!
Bold homemade red sauce
Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Now, I've always wanted to make black bean burgers but have been hesitant because they seem like it takes a lot of work.  The Black Bean and Qinoa burgers in the VegetarianTimes looked promising, and let's be honest - I had a lot of free indoor time on my hands.  Actually, making these burgers wasn't too hard, but I struggled getting the consistency of the beans/qinoa/veggies right.  In the end, they weren't too bad - but I might stick to the pre-made variety.
First attempt at black bean burgers

Lastly, my Saturday summer evening was capped off with taco and margaritas.  Taco nights are my favorite, and a good margarita makes it even sweeter.  Even though I cook for one, I go all in on a taco night with toppings not limited to: avocado, cilantro lime rice, black beans, olives, tomato, pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and salsa.  Glorious!  This meal will feed me all week, and that is something I don't mind at all.
Tacos and margaritas! Yummy!

Even though it wasn't the best summer weekend outside - inside the kitchen was humming.  I am super happy to get the chance to try out so many new recipes.
Looking forward to another adventure...

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  1. I need to work my way into that Taco dinner next time you make it. Mmm.