Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gorgeous Girls on Grand

24 July 2012

Tess's bachelorette party was a two-fold event, a picnic in the afternoon and bar crawl on Grand Avenue in the evening.  The theme of the evening activity was "Gorgeous Girls on Grand"  Tess asked each of us to wear a bridesmaid dress from a previous wedding.  I chose Jackie's bridesmaid dress because it was perfect for a warm summer evening.  The little satchel (which we didn't use in the wedding but came with the dress) was great for holding items and was a hit with everyone.

So without further ado, here are some candids from the days events!
Some girls sunning at the picnic...
And some cooling off in the water.

And from the crawl in the evening.

Getting ready.

The group at the first stop.

Kristen, Laura, and Mal - Some of the bridesmaids

Tess having a GREAT time.

Gorgeous Girls on
Grand stop #2.

Having fun at stop #3.

Dancing!  Probably the favorite stop on the crawl for the group.

My favorite candid of the night: Tess rocking out!
Final stop of the night - the fish bar, or at least that is what we were calling it because of the giant neon fish in the window.

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  1. Ha! Just saw this. LOVE it. So much fun that night.