Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Home!

Earth Day

It has been awhile since I last posted, and for a good reason!  The last few months have been very busy - I moved to a new apartment with my boyfriend, went on vacation, made some great recipes, and still had time for my day job. It might take a few posts, but don't worry, I'll fill you in.

At the end of February, I moved from my apartment in Edina to an apartment in an entertainment district in Minneapolis.  Bret's impending move from Kansas City spurred the hunt for a new apartment.  We found a great 2-bedroom place on Lyndale Ave and Lake St in the Blue apartment complex (

The apartment has a ton of natural light, concrete floors, dark and chrome finishes, a balcony overlooking the pool, and a washer/dryer.  If I could change anything I would opt for more storage space and have at least one window with a southern exposure. For those that will not make it up to see our place, I have embedded some photos into this blog. We love the complex too! It has a great fitness facility, lounge room, pool, underground parking, and has loads of environmentally friendly features.

Guest bedroom and office

Living room and dining room

View when you come through the door


Double door to the left is the washer/dryer, guest bedroom in the background, Bret's kegerator in foreground

Guest bath

Master bedroom and walk-in closet

Master bath

While it is a longer trek to work (10 miles takes about 30 minutes), Bret and I can commute to work together.  I can also take the bike trail outside the apartment, the Midtown Greenway, all the way to work as well.  The Greenway connects to the larger Grand Rounds, which is the city's series of biking/walking trails.  Overall, the Grand Rounds has about 50-miles of trails that circles Minneapolis.
View from our balcony overlooking the pool. The Midtown Greenway is along the row of trees in the background

We both love that we live so close to the Greenway. Even better are all of the restaurants and shops so close by.  Right outside of our door there are at least 12 restaurants/coffee shops, the grocery store is down the street, and just a few blocks away a series of stores (Aveda, Columbia, CB2, Penzys, etc.). There are some great houses nearby that are very beautiful to walk by and the lakes are so lovely in the spring.

Location in Uptown


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